Misiona Patane: The Benefits of the Noni Fruit

As business development director of Pure Pacifika, Ltd., Misiona Patane Jr. maintains a leadership role that allows him to manage numerous divisions within a firm that imports items from the South Pacific. One of the most notable products sold by Misiona Patane is Noni Tonic, which is made from the noni fruit.

Found in the South Pacific region and Tahiti, the noni fruit comes from the noni or morinda tree, which grows to 10 feet tall. The plant bears fruit 365 days a year, and it has been exported to tropical climates around the world. Approximately the size of a potato, each noni fruit turns from green to yellow or white when it ripens.

Once ready for harvesting, it can be converted into numerous products. Companies transform noni fruit into juices, powders, dietary aids, bath gels, and soaps. With vitamins A and C and minerals, it is considered a possible health supplement. The noni fruit first received attention from the Western world during World War II, when American soldiers stationed in the South Pacific ate it. Today, it can be found through various retailers, including Pure Pacifika, which is located online at www.purepacifika.com.

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