Pure Pacifika and the Noni Fruit

Misiona Patane Jr. has more than nine years of experience in business operations management. Since 2009, Misiona Patane has served as business development manager at Pure Pacifika, where he is responsible for implementing efficient operational practices and providing consultation in international marketing scenarios.

Since its establishment in 2004, Pure Pacifika is primarily responsible for the distribution of Noni Tonic. The tonic is derived from the noni fruit, which was a central source of nutrition to early Polynesian civilizations. Not only is noni produced year-round, it is also believed to have certain medicinal qualities. When the noni fruit is ingested, the body produces xeronine, a biochemical compound which supports numerous bodily functions. The noni fruit replenishes xeronine production when the body is under stress.

Pure Pacifika condenses the noni fruit to produce its Noni Tonic products, which are certified as organic by BioGro, New Zealand. For more information about Pure Pacifika, visit www.purepacifika.com.

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